Living costs – the most affordable in Europe; 1. Prices in Romania

Living costs

All you need to know about the living costs and prices as a student in Romania.

Studying and living in Romania is cheap and easy especially in view of the quality of life and services. The monthly amount can vary depending on the lifestyle of each student, yet the living costs in Romania is much lower than in other European countries.


Most international students choose to live in a private apartment. The living costs for a studio/one-room apartment can vary depending on the city, area, or apartment facilities. Apartments in Romania come fully furnished and equipped with all the appliances. You can as well share a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment with a friend or colleague. Please note that besides the monthly rent you must pay as well utilities (water, electricity, heating, internet) Below you can find approximate prices by each type of apartment.

Type Price per month Utilities per month
Studio apartment (1 room) 250 – 450 euro 50 – 70 euro
2 rooms apartment 400 – 550 euro 70 euro
3 rooms apartment 500 – 700 100 euro

The best way to get an apartment is through a Real Estate agency that offers you complete information on accommodation and usually, they charge a commission fee.

Monthly living costs

  • accommodation: 300 – 450 euro
  • transportation : 30 euro
  • food & drinks : 150 – 250 euro
  • sim & internet: 10 euro
  • gym membership: 30 euro

Here are some average costs:

  • A meal in Macdonalds – 3 euro
  • A meal in KFC – 4 euro
  • bread – 1 euro
  • bottle of water – 0.5 euro
  • 1 coffee – 1 euro

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