Good news!!! The first anti-coronavirus vaccine developed in Timisoara, ready for testing.


The specialists of the OncoGen Research Center announced that they have developed the first Romanian anti-coronavirus vaccine. The news came from the vice – president of the Medical Sciences Academy and professor of the Immunology Department of UMF Timisoara, Virgil Paunescu.

Professor Virgil Paunescu says that the team of researchers he coordinates has completed the synthesis of the vaccine for coronavirus and on March 25, began the tests. The vaccine is currently meant for laboratory testing on human cells.

OncoGen researchers have announced since late January that a personalized vaccine to protect against the new coronavirus can be developed using the technology for cancer vaccination.

The Center for Gene and Cell Therapies in Cancer Treatment – OncoGen, within the Timisoara Emergency Clinical Hospital, is the first research center in the field of gene therapies with state-of-the-art facilities in Romania and the only one of its kind in Eastern Europe that has facilities of fundamental and applied research for translational medicine.

When it comes to infectious diseases like the coronavirus, vaccines are the strongest weapons that health officials have. Getting vaccinated can protect people from getting infected in the first place.

A massive effort has been done underway to develop a Romanian vaccine for trial for coronavirus and make it available to save lives as soon as possible.

The OncoGen researchers explained that the vaccine produced in Timisoara, Romania would reach the market faster than the other vaccines produced by China, Germany or the USA because the synthesis phase started in January and does not require animal testing, a fact that shortens the testing period very much.

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