Romania – a special country in Europe

Peles Castle, Sinaia - the Carpathian Mountains - Romania.
Peles Castle, Sinaia - the Carpathian Mountains - Romania.

Romania one of the most special countries in Europe with amazing natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Romania is a country of southeastern Europe, situated on the western shores of the Black Sea and the 12th largest country in Europe. It enjoys great natural beauty and diversity and rich cultural heritage. Romania is a member of the European Union since January 1, 2007, and undergoing the process to join OECD ( Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). Romania is also a member of the Schengen Agreement but has not yet fully implemented it.

The country is bordered by Bulgaria to the south, Serbia to the southwest, Hungary to the northwest, and Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the north and northeast.

The Romanian Constitution was amended in 2003 and establishes the country as a democracy and market economy, and consecrates the values of human dignity, civic rights, and freedoms, the development of the individual, justice, and political pluralism. The president, who is the head of state, is voted in by the public, and his/her official residence is Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest. The prime minister, based at Victoria Palace, Bucharest, is the head of government and picks the members of his/her cabinet, which is subject to a parliamentary vote of approval.

For many centuries Romania’s economy was based on agriculture. In the 1930s Romania was one of the main European producers of wheat, corn, and meats and it used to be called “the breadbasket of Europe.” Since 1990, successive governments have concentrated on turning Romania into a market economy. The government implemented an ambitious program of structural reforms in the areas of energy-intensive industries, the financial sector, and macroeconomic stabilization. One rapidly growing area is IT and Romanian techies enjoy an enviable reputation abroad.

Higher education is provided by universities, polytechnical schools, vocational schools, and other institutes.

The national currency of Romania is the leu (Ron). By Western standards, Romania is considered a relatively cheap country. As of November 2019, 1€ buys about 4.7 lei and 1 US dollar buys about 4.2 lei which means you can buy things in Romania more than any other European country. The prices in Romania are low, especially in supermarkets, transport (short and long-distance), dining out at restaurants, drinks. Rent in a Romanian city is as well affordable.

Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania, as well as its cultural, industrial, and educational center. It is home to the world’s heaviest building – the Palace of the Parliament. But there are other main cities like Cluj- Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanta, Oradea, Craiova which undergo progressive development.

Romania has a temperate climate, with four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It is the most bio-geographically diverse country in the European Union. This means a greater variety of landforms than any other country.

Among the most important attractions, we can mention the Carpathian Mountains with the Transfagarasan and Balea Lake, the Danube Delta with beautiful beaches and hundreds of species of birds, the Black Sea. There are also many medieval castles, Gothic churches(the famous Black Church in Brasov), and charming towns, all hidden among astonishing landscapes. Romania hosts likewise one of the largest electronic festivals, the Untold Festival.

Romanians are by nature fun, loving, warm, hospitable and with an innate sense of humor. The Romanian language is actually easy to speak and understand, as it is a phonetic language, words are pronounced as they are spelled.

Is Romania Safe? Absolutely. That shouldn’t even be a question that you’re asking.

The Romanian nightlife is a colorful one, with numerous pubs, bars, discos and clubs at your disposal. Bucharest (including the Bucharest old town nightlife) Cluj-Napoca, Iași, and Timișoara are the major cities for it!  It is also a safe place to enjoy a night out, as taxis are available throughout the night and the most renowned pubs provide get-home-safe options. 

Here you can enjoy great internet speed. Romania has the 5th fastest internet speed in the world with an average of 38.6 Mbps.

Romania can be your best choice of studying in a European Country with a worldwide reputation for high-quality education and research opportunities that offers you the possibility of a unique cultural experience in a welcoming atmosphere.

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