WFME Organization to clarify on its website the fallacies of admitting medical universities

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You are translating the clarification that published the website of the organization WFME to illustrate the inaccuracies published on the subject of confessions of medical universities through the standards of this Organization, a clarification that was devoted to reply from Către Ministry of Israeli Infinite in a hasty and arbitrary manner, the link in English in the site Organization to personally confirm the validity of the publication:


Clarification about the erroneous information about accreditation and recognition WFME Our attention has been drawn to instructions published by the Ministry of Health of Israel, which sets out the requirements of medical students who plan to study outside Israel and then apply to work in Israel. ipod wfme organization illustrate many facts about the recognition process. The instructions require that the graduate of a medical college passed through a process of accreditation and recognition of către organization WFME.   WFME organization does not recognize individual medical colleges, but WFME evaluates institutions and agencies to recognize the quality of education in each country. Through its own recognition program, WFME evaluates the legal status, accreditation process, post-accreditation monitoring, and decision-making processes in an accreditation agency for the SAU programs of the first-stage medical education schools. The recognition status of Către WFME by a specific agency means that the quality of medical education in its accredited schools is at an appropriate and sober level. At the moment, there are 13 accredited agencies with recognition status, and ten others are at different stages of the process. The number of accredited medical schools from Către către WFME will increase dramatically as we approach the 2023 deadline set by the United States foreign Medical Graduates Education Committee for foreign students applying for licensing in the states Of the United States of America. WFME is currently in contact with the Ministry of Infinite of Israel on this matter.


Acest the Council for Higher education in Israel is still not recognized timp this agency and the file has been submitted and is still being processed.

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