Are you confused about the Accreditation of a Romanian Medical universities? Here's the solution!

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We offer you registration, without venturing into the confession issue. Where we will enroll you to Romanian medical universities, and at the same time we will enroll you in universities that have been recognized by the World Federation for Medical Education (, all for your comfort and convenience. All of this is free of charge and the same costs of registration for Romanian universities.

 That is, you pay for registration to Romanian universities, but you get a guaranteed additional registration at a university recognized by the Ministry of Health.

Why are we making this move?

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health and with the administrative bodies of Romanian universities, we are working to bring in the international and European recognition documents that have been acquired by Romanian universities and qualify for recognition by the Ministry of Health and the Medical Professions Licensing Department.

As you know, these things take time and do not end with a phone conversation or by sending an email, and they require the arrival of the original documents certified by the Romanian universities to the Ministry of Health in the country, and then set a session to determine the quality of these international Accreditations and conform to the requirements Ministry of Health.

 The fact that Romania is one of the European Union countries, and that it has obtained the academic accreditation from several institutions for the quality of education in Europe, in addition to the provisions of international organizations such as UNESCO and others, and the fact that students graduating from Romanian universities are exempt from any licensing examinations in the European Union countries, ( A student who has studied in Romania can go directly to work or specialize in any EU country such as Germany and France without taking any exams), so the expectation is that they will be recognized by the Ministry of Health.

But as this process may take a few months, and our students are want to be sure that they will not lose the possibility of registering for the universities while waiting for this recognition. So we made a move to instil reassurance in the hearts of students and parents and we contracted with universities in an additional country obtained the necessary confessions that guarantee the recognition of their studies.

We will register all of our students at our own risk and expense at these universities, within the registration fees paid by the student for registration in Romania.

What’s the idea behind this move?

The main objective is to ensure that the student has a school seat at the beginning of the school year 2019/2020 in Romania or in an additional state recognized and very similar to its specifications with Romania in terms of tuition and expenses.

How will a student decide which university/country he will go?

The student can decide until the middle of the 8th year of 2019.  If the Romanian universities have so far been included in the lists of accredited universities, the student can begin his career in which he is reassured that he is going to education at a recognized university. In the other case, the student has secured himself a seat at the accredited University of the other country.

And what happens with college admissions at the university that you decided not to join?

There’s no problem. If a student chooses not to enrol at a certain university where he or she has obtained admission, we will inform this university that he or she does not want to take advantage of his or her school seat, and that is all, there are no other obligations. At the same time we will begin the final proceedings with the university that the student decided to go to.

Are there additional costs for the student to pay for this arrangement?

Nothing. The student will not have to pay any additional fees and do not process additional papers to register for the other university. Each student pays only the registration costs to Romania. For the same, registration fees are automatically registered in two states.

What is the probability that Romanian medical universities may receive accreditation from the Ministry of Health?

In our estimation, there is a great and very realistic opportunity for Romanian universities to obtain the confessions required by the Ministry of Health, if in terms of European accreditations and confessions, and if in terms of the opportunity for Romania to enter the OECD as a candidate by this organization to enter as a full member ( Today Romania is present in 60% of the OECD bodies and is expected to vote on joining the organization this year. All this is in addition to the preparations for the recognition of the World Federation for Medical Education (


Who doesn’t take the lead doesn’t get his goal. Those who do not register for study will not be a student at any university and will not be a doctor, without a relationship if the university obtains the required confession or not. Take into account that the registration process takes time and there are other barriers to enrolling in Romanian universities. such as rate tags, scientific specialization, TOEFL English exam and other conditions that need time for processing.

Do not let the new instructions succeed in preventing you from taking the opportunity-at least-to enroll for universities. The new comments mean that you have to be more interested in the issue of academic accreditation, and we offer you and without any costs of realistic and proven solutions for admission to other universities and recognized so that the status of Romanian universities can be found.

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