American Medical exam USMLE ends the debate and opens doors to study medicine in Romania

غير مصنف

Following the explanation given by the Israeli Ministry of Health regarding the USMLE General Medicine Licensing Examination, any student studying the subject of general medicine in Romania can in all cases obtain a license to practise in the country by passing the American USMLE examination during his university studies. The study of Dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, veterinary medicine, engineering, law and computer as a whole is recognized in the country and the new instructions do not include them. Read about the USMLE exam exam and also on the website of the Ministry of Health in the country, this adds to the possibility of Romania entering the OECD, which is a candidate by the organization to enter this year, or to the possibility of Romania gaining recognition of the World Federation of Medical Universities Wfme or to the inclusion of universities Romanian is included in the lists of medical universities recognized by the Ministry of Education. Read about the status of Romania for each of these points. Https://

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